​​​​Our Mission
Special Teams for Exceptional People exists to facilitate social, recreational and sporting activities and events for children and adults with disabilities in order to instill in them confidence and self-esteem. These events and activities are inclusive to their siblings and families and are intended to teach everyone that there are no boundaries on what those with disabilities can do or achieve. Our organization serves individuals and their families from the private sector as well as those in group homes, private schools and special treatment facilities. No one will be refused because of race, religion, sex, culture, nationality, ethnic origin or financial ability. 

Who We Are
Special Teams for Exceptional People is a 501c3 non-profit organization which provides sports, recreational and social events for the exceptional special needs adults, children and their families of the community. Formed in March of 2011 in Lowell, MA, STEP, Inc. was started by a group of passionate parents who feel that all our exceptional special needs family members deserve a chance at a higher quality of life that would not be available to them through normal avenues in life. STEP, Inc. is an all-volunteer organization that relies on volunteers and community support in providing sports, recreational and social events for the exceptional special needs members of the community.

What We Do

Volunteers in our organization range from coaching to fundraisers to social events such as our dances. STEP, Inc. believes that all persons, regardless of their disability, have the right to enjoy the same full range of sporting and socialization opportunities which others in their community enjoy. Our parent coaches provide guidance and support to each person who desires to "STEP" into a more fulfilling life. Please contact us today to find out how you can donate, volunteer or register your exceptional special needs family member.