Thank You Loins Club For all you help and Donation to the STEP Dance's!! 

Your generosity to give to our Organization and Athletes will help with the STEP Dance's is truly Amazing!!

Thank you so much Lions Club from out STEP Board members & STEP Athletes!! ( Spring Dance2024)

Bike Run  

August 2023

Bike Run is STEP's Fundraiser! The motorcycles and jeeps make up this run! Tyngsboro Police and Other law Enforcement for towns around us ride with us!  We have a live band! Cookout for Bikers & Jeep & Families! We have raffle baskets & T-shirts for we sell for the Bike Run!  Come ride with us for our next Bike Run August 2024!! 

Funding for S.T.E.P. comes from our events.

We organize a wide range of fundraisers that add to the level of fun we provide our members!

Comedy Night, November 11th,2023

Special Thanks go out to all who contributed, including Lo Kai Restaurant, Dave Rattigan and Scamps Comedy Productions, oh so many volunteers - and of course all those who attended!